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A chorus of voices have arisen over the past few months to warn North Carolinians of the harms of Amendment One. Watch this video, share it, and vote AGAINST Amendment One on Tuesday, May 8th.

BURN: One Year on the Frontlines of the Battle to Save Detroit!

BURN to Premiere at 2012 Tribeca Film Festival in April! (But we still need your help!)


Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron – CCOKC

Defeat Paul Ryan! Elect Rob Zerban to Congress

Rob Zerban for Congress (Wisconsin District 1)

Rob learned early how to make the most of his life, and how government can be a partner in creating the American Dream. Rob was raised in a single-parent household where his mother worked outside of the home to keep a roof over his head. Growing up, he ate government cheese and received free milk at school.

With the help of Pell Grants and Stafford Loans, Rob attended the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, New York, a prestigious culinary school where he was trained as a chef and learned restaurant business management.

After several years of direct service and managerial experience, he went on to create two small businesses. He employed 45 people and made sure they had family sustaining wages, excellent benefits, and the best healthcare. He understood that taking care of his employees and never taking for granted their hard work helped his companies thrive.

After selling his last business in 2008, Rob dedicated his life to public service. He volunteered to go door-to-door, educating the public about preserving the wonderful natural resource that is the Great Lakes. He served on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters because part of what makes this nation great is our rich and beautiful land. He also serves as an elected official in Kenosha County as a Board Supervisor.

Rob is a job creator, an innovator, and a pragmatist. He understands that he was able to succeed because government was there for him and his family when he needed it. And now he is committed to protecting and building programs so future generations can continue to achieve and live the American Dream.

Rob speaks about LGBT issues:
I support equal rights for every American, including members of the LGBT community.
I support equal marriage rights for every American.
I support any legislation to end discriminatory behavior including harsher penalties for hate crimes based on sexual orientation.
I believe in our founding principle of equality under the law and will support equal rights for each and every one of my constituents in all aspects of their lives.

I do not believe the government has the right to legislate morality and I support the rights of every individual to make their own personal decisions.

The government cannot pick and choose which of its citizens have rights and should offer the option of marriage, with full and equal rights, to all of its citizens.

I support the free practice of religion. These beliefs are not contradictory; in fact, the separation of church and state is for the benefit of both the church and the state. I support the right of religious institutions to make their own choices and follow their own values. However, citizens that do not belong to the religion should not be forced to live by those values. That choice is up to each individual, and their government must remain neutral.

In many states, LGBT citizens are not being treated equally. They are being discriminated against in the workplace and by their government. Couples cannot visit their loved one in the hospital, and are paying greater taxes because their status is not recognized. I will work to eliminate all discrimination and ensure every religious institution, and every citizen, has the freedom to make their own choices without government picking sides.

for more information: http://www.robzerban.com/home

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