Hyposcrisy as practiced by conservatives.

Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron – CCOKC

Illinois Primary Election Campaign Violation

Leave it to the self-righteous Santorum backers to violate the election laws.
While every other candidate for office, respectfully locates their volunteers and signs at least a hundred feet from the door to the polling place, Santorum’s people place his sign, a mere 13 feet from the door! This is in Chicago’s 46th ward.

“8″: A Play about the Fight for Marriage Equality

West Coast Premiere of “8”

An unconstitutional proposition.
An unprecedented decision.
An all-star cast.

a new play by

Benefit Reading for Marriage Equality

Presented by
American Foundation for Equal Rights,
Broadway Impact &
Presenting Sponsor Bryan Singer

directed by

Featuring an all-star cast including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Lynch, Kevin Bacon and others, “8″ is a play written by Academy Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and directed by acclaimed actor and director Rob Reiner. It is a powerful account of the case filed by the American Federation for Equal Rights (AFER ) in the U.S. District Court in 2010 to overturn Proposition 8 [LINK], a constitutional amendment that eliminated the rights of same-sex couples to marry in the state of California. Framed around the trial’s historic closing arguments in June 2010, 8 provides an intimate look what unfolded when the issue of same-sex marriage was on trial.

Here is the video of the historic live stage reading:

‘Ex-Gay’ Leader Comes Out as Gay

John Smid

John Smid, the former Executive Director of Exodus International’s oldest ministry “Love in Action,” has publicly admitted that he is gay, and now says that being LGBTQ is an intrinsic part of a person’s being, not a “behavior” that one can repent from.
Writing on the website of his new ministry, Grace Rivers, Smid said, “One cannot repent of something that is unchangeable.”
Smid, who resigned as Executive Director of Love in Action in 2008 — an ex-gay Christian ministry that purports to “restore those trapped” in homosexuality — is now disavowing the message he preached for years that promised gays they could change.
In acknowledging that he is gay, Smid wrote:
“I also want to reiterate here that the transformation for the vast majority of homosexuals will not include a change of sexual orientation. Actually I’ve never met a man who experienced a change from homosexual to heterosexual.”
“I used to define homosexuality or heterosexuality in terms describing one’s behavior. I thought it made sense and through the years often wrote articles and talked from that perspective.
“Today, I understand why the gay community had such an issue with my writings. My perspective denied so many facets of the homosexual experience. I minimized a person’s life to just their sexuality but homosexuality is much more than sex.”
Smid also writes that, “I am homosexual, my wife is heterosexual,” and that this creates a “unique marriage experience that many do not understand.”
“For many years I tried to fit into the box of heterosexuality. I tried my hardest to create heterosexuality in my life but this also created a lot of shame, a sense of failure, and discouragement. Nothing I did seemed to change me into a heterosexual even though I was in a marriage that included heterosexual behavior.
“Today, I understand why the gay community had such an issue with my writings. My perspective denied so many facets of the homosexual experience. I minimized a person’s life to just their sexuality but homosexuality is much more than sex.”
Smid concludes by saying that honestly accepting your sexual orientation can open the door to a faith and life that makes sense.
“Far too many homosexuals who are seeking Christ perceive that they cannot come close to Him if they remain a homosexual. In this mindset they search feverishly for change that will not come to them,” he wrote.

as published at LGBTQNation.com

“Family Values” Mississippi Mayor Admits He’s Gay

Mayor Greg Davis of Southhaven, Miss., the state’s third-largest city, has come out as gay amid an investigation of his spending habits while on official business, according to a story in the Memphis Commercial Appeal
Receipts from embattled Southaven Mayor Greg Davis reveal that he had the city pay for wide-ranging expenses including thousands of dollars worth of liquor, expensive dinners at a local restaurant and a visit to an adult store catering to gay men while on a recruitment trip to Canada.
As details emerged Thursday from the receipts, provided by state auditors to Southaven aldermen and subsequently obtained by The Commercial Appeal, Davis conceded publicly for the first time in an interview with The CA that he is gay and has struggled to keep the issue from affecting his public life as mayor of Mississippi’s third-largest city.
“At this point in my life and in my career, while I have tried to maintain separation between my personal and public life, it is obvious that this can no longer remain the case,” Davis said Thursday afternoon at his Southaven home. “While I have performed my job as mayor, in my opinion, as a very conservative, progressive individual — and still continue to be a very conservative individual — I think that it is important that I discuss the struggles I have had over the last few years when I came to the realization that I am gay.”
As for the receipts, Davis, a Republican who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2008 on a conservative, family-values platform, said he couldn’t discuss specifics on the advice of his attorney.

as published at Gay Politics.com

Stop Paying for Fox News on Cable

The following is a letter written to the DailyBeast.com
A reader writes:

Cable bundling has enabled the corruption and radicalization of cable TV news. It the basis of Fox News’ business model.

Here’s how it works. Fox charges cable companies about 70 cents a subscriber. That fee provides about half their profits. So everyone who has Fox News on his or her cable system is compelled to pay Fox 70 cents a month. No matter how much I loathe Fox and what it has done to our political discourse, I have to pay them 70 cents a month. What this means is that Fox pays no economic price for stoking extremism. The opposite is true. It can cater to a mere three or four million Americans, 1 percent of the population, a ratings bonanza in the chopped up world of cable TV, while collecting a fee from tens of millions who detest the network. It boils down to this: I cannot stop paying Fox News no matter how much I hate it. I’m captive.

If Fox became a la carte, the results would be dramatic and immediate.
Tens of millions would drop the channel immediately. Black and Hispanic viewers would flee the network en mass. It would suffer crippling losses in the Northeast, West Coast and parts of the Midwest. The channel would be left with an overwhelmingly older, southern and evangelical viewership. Needless to say, the loss of such huge demographic swaths would cause many advertisers to jump ship.

In short, Fox would pay a heavy economic price for its lies and distortions. It would either reform or face becoming a niche network with much diminished power and influence. A la carte would have a similar, although less extreme impact on MSNBC. And that would be a good thing. We can never solve our problems if partisan media propagandize instead of inform. A la carte cable is key, perhaps the key, to reforming our politics and government.

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