Someone ought to tell "good Christian" Tom Vineyard that not bearing false witness is one of the commandments.

The Oklahoma City Council’s decision to add sexual orientation to the list of protected groups under the employment nondiscrimination policy has received with good reason quite a bit of fanfare, since passing on Tuesday. The other OC joins much of the rest of the civilized world with their new policy by making it clear that homophobic bosses hoping to fire employees for simply being gay can instead suck it.
But one bit of this story that has been relatively unreported happened within the council chambers during the community testimony prior to the decision.
The comments made by council members and those who signed up to speak reflected the emotional and polarizing nature of the debate. Shadid likened allowing discrimination against gay people to Adolf Hitler targeting groups for hate in Germany. Pastor Tom Vineyard of Windsor Hills Baptist Church cited a New York judge in saying more than half of murders in large cities are committed by gay people.
Vineyard received the longest standing ovation of the day after his remarks.

Really, where do gay people find the time? When we’re not out recruiting children, running the hip-hop music industry, we still manage to commit more than half of all murders in big cities. If only we would use our clearly superhuman powers for good.
Shame on Tom Vineyard and those who left their common sense at the door to make room in the Oklahoma City Council chambers.
Windsor Hills Baptist Church

by Kevin Farrell as published at Unicorn Booty